91238 Glue Puller Pads 25pc

Made in the EU Consumable Item

The glue puller pads are used in conjunction with a Glue Pad Slide Hammer or dent puller and hot glue to remove dents and dings in vehicle bodywork.

  • For use as part of a Paintless Dent Repair, when used with a slide hammer, Part No. 92376 or a dent puller, Part No 92407.
  • Rounded in profile these pads allow for the removal of medium sized soft panel damage to any steel / aluminium car without the need to traditionally remove the paint from the panel.
  • Suitable for use with Power-TEC Gluematic Glue Gun, Part No. 91237 & glue sticks, Part No. 92342.
  • Pads can be removed with a release spray, leave the panel intact & the paint undisturbed, Part No. 92314.
  • 5 of each shape.
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Made in the EU Consumable Item
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