92605 Panel Repair Welder Zola 16 & Slide Hammer

Made in the EU

A compact and powerful 16A panel repair welder, complete with slide hammer and accessories. Connect the slide hammer to the welder, which is used to hold and weld the copper triangle electrode to the panel, the slide hammer is then used to pull out the damage.

  • 16A panel repair welder with simple set up.
  • Slide hammer included, with consumable triangular electrodes.
  • Shrinking electrode & 27mm spanner.
  • Squiggly wire adaptor included. Wire available separately, (Part No. 91332).
  • Made in Italy.
TSP: £899.00 ex VAT £1078.80 inc VAT

Reparaturschweißgerät für Blecharbeiten Zola 16, Gleithammer und Zubehör.

  • 16-A-Reparaturschweißgerät für Blecharbeiten mit einfacher Einrichtung.
  • Gleithammer im Lieferumfang enthalten.
  • Schrumpfelektrode und 27-mm-Schraubenschlüssel sind ebenfalls im Lieferumfang enthalten.
  • Hochwertige Qualität, in Italien gefertigt.
  • Welldrahtadapter im Lieferumfang enthalten.
TSP: £899.00 ex VAT £1078.80 inc VAT

Poste à souder pour réparation de panneaux Zola 16, marteau à inertie et accessoires.

  • Poste à souder pour réparation de panneaux, 16 A, à mise en place simple.
  • Marteau à inertie inclus.
  • Une électrode à rétreindre et une clé de 27 mm sont également incluses.
  • Fabrication italienne de qualité supérieure.
  • Adaptateur Squiggly Wire inclus.
TSP: £899.00 ex VAT £1078.80 inc VAT
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Press Release
Compact and powerful panel repair welder — complete with slide hammer plus accessories

New into the Power-TEC range is the Zola Panel Repair Welder (part number 92605). It is a compact and powerful 16A panel repair welder made in Italy from quality components. Very simple and easy to use by just selecting the operation that is required. Simply connect the slide hammer to the welder and using the copper triangle electrodes, the slide hammer will weld itself to the panel and you then use the slide hammer to pull out the damage. When one of the tips of the triangular electrode has become worn, simply flip the electrode round to a fresh tip. Three times the life out of one electrode. 

The full kit comes complete with slide hammer, copper electrode triangles, shrinking electrode, squiggly wire electrode, squiggly wire and a 27mm Spanner. Use the squiggly wire adaptor to weld on squiggly wire which is ideal for curved surfaces and also for pulling the deepest part of a dent out in one go. The shrinking electrode lets you shrink selected areas of the metal panel to complete the repair.

This is the ideal starter panel repair system which can be added to with other Miracle System type tools — available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

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