92454 Mobile Rolling Lift

Made in the EU Product Video available

Part of the Power-TEC bodyshop range

  • Mobile rolling lift can be moved with the car to another part of the bodyshop/workshop freeing up a working bay
  • Lift capacity SWL 3 tonne
  • Maximum lift height 992mm, minimum lift height 100mm
  • Wheels are easily fitted to the lifting arms
  • Made in Europe
TSP: £3995.00 ex VAT £4794.00 inc VAT
Made in the EU Product Video available
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Press Release
new mobile rolling lift from Power-TEC

Power-TEC’s new Mobile Rolling Lift (part number 92454) is sure to be a winner in the workshop — it has all the advantages and convenience of a scissor lift but pop the wheels on, lower the lift and roll the car and lift to a more convenient location.

A robust and strongly built unit, with a 3 tonne capacity, it is manufactured in Italy for Power-TEC, and powered with a pneumatic hydraulic pump so an air supply is required. The sliding pads allow it to be used on most vehicles and it lifts to a maximum height of 992mm.

When mobility is required the wheels are fitted quickly and easily and locked into place; the foot-controlled pump then lowers the vehicle onto the lift’s wheels and the lift itself is pulled up out of the way. Another advantage of the Power-TEC Mobile Rolling Lift is that when the vehicle is lifted, all four wheels are accessible. Ideal for quick and easy wheel changing, brake and suspension work.

Ultra convenient, strong, mobile and safe, the Mobile Rolling Lift is available now from your local Power-TEC stockist.

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