92438 Hy-Jacks (Pair)

CE Approved

Pair of hydraulic vehicle positioning jacks.

  • Suitable for maximum tyre width 305mm, 12" width wheel.
  • Adjustable from 345mm to 630mm.
  • Capacity: 1360kg per pair (SWL: 680kg each).
  • Equipped with 4 nylon castors per unit.
  • CE compliant, GS/TUV approved.
TSP: £350.00 ex VAT £420.00 inc VAT

Pair of hydraulic vehicle positioning jacks.

  • Convient pour une largeur de roue maximale de 305mm.
  • Ajustable de 345mm à 630mm
  • Capacité de 1360 kgs par paire. (680 kg par unité)
  • Equipé de 4 roues pivotantes robuste en nylon par unité
  • Certifié CE et approuvé GS/TUV
TSP: £350.00 ex VAT £420.00 inc VAT

Paar hydraulische positioneerkrikken voor voertuigen

  • Geschikt voor maximale bandbreedte 305 mm, 12" breedte wielvelg
  • Verstelbaar van 345 mm tot 630 mm
  • Capaciteit 1360 kg per paar (SWL 680 kg per paar)
  • Uitgerust met 4 nylon wielen per eenheid
  • CE-gecertificeerd, GS/TÜV goedgekeurd
TSP: £350.00 ex VAT £420.00 inc VAT
CE Approved
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Press Release
The Power-TEC Hy-Jacks — move vehicles quickly, easily and safely

Solve all your workshop vehicle positioning problems with the new Hy-Jacks from Power-TEC (part number 92438). Hy-Jacks are the ultimate method for moving vehicles in confined areas; once fitted, they let the vehicle roll easily in any direction. Two Hy-Jacks permit a full 180 degree vehicle pivot, four Hy-Jacks give full manoeuvrability.

Sold in pairs, they lift the vehicle in seconds. The Hy-Jack is positioned around the tyre, then a few pumps of the hydraulic foot pedal progressively lifts the vehicle tyre between the rollers until the tyre lifts smoothly and quickly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tyre; there is no contact with the vehicle’s bodywork or chassis. After lifting, the low centre of gravity makes the Hy-Jacks safe and stable in use, and the vehicle can effortlessly be placed in the required position in the workshop or garage.

To lower, no further pumping is necessary, simply release the hydraulic valve and the tyre is lowered smoothly to the ground.

Slide a vehicle into a confined space, move a disabled vehicle, or remove a vehicle obstructing an entrance when no keys are available —  whatever the reason, vehicles can be moved easily, quickly and safely. Particularly useful in the bodyshop.

The Hy-Jacks are suitable for a maximum tyre width of 305mm; the frame is adjustable from 345mm to 630mm. Weight capacity is 1369kg per pair (single wheel capacity 680kg). Each unit is equipped with four tough nylon casters, and a safety hook and chain for the pedal. The Hy-Jacks are CE certificated and GS/TUV approved.

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