Fluted Stripe Off Disc with Adaptor Part No. 92429

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£14.86 exc VAT
£17.83 inc VAT

Part of the Power-TEC panel repair tools for bodyshops

Additional Information

  • Fluted abrasive disc.
  • Removes stripes/stickers moulding glue etc.
  • Supplied with an adaptor for drill use.
  • Max 4000rpm.
  • Gerillte Schleifscheibe
  • Entfernt Streifen/Aufkleber, Formkleber usw.
  • Geliefert mit Adapter zur Nutzung mit Handbohrmaschine
  • Max. 4000 U/min
  • Permet de retirer sans dommages tels que stickers, colle, etc... sur votre carrosserie
  • Disque gomme lamelé en caoutchoux
  • Adaptateur pour visseuse fourni
  • Maximum 4000 Tours / Minutes
  • Gain de temps
Power-TEC’s new Stripe Off vinyl remover (part no 92429) removes pinstripes, vinyl stickers, stripes, decals, etc, on painted metal surfaces, plate glass, aluminium and glassfibre, and when used correctly and with care, with no paint damage.

Adhesive and tape left on a panel can be difficult to remove. The fluted Stripe Off eraser wheel will remove this in seconds, and the adhesive is removed without damaging the paintwork. Stubborn cracked and hardened vinyls that won’t simply peel off are also not a problem. Old pin stripes that are hard and UV damaged will usually just break off into little pieces and be very difficult and frustrating to remove; the Stripe-off eraser wheel is mounted in a drill (air powered or electric), and taking care and only applying gentle pressure, the tape and adhesive is whisked away. It really has to be seen to be believed!

Very long lasting and terrific value. Further details at www.power-tec.co.uk or call 01926 815000.

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