92408 Panel Gap Controller Set 3pc

Panel gap controller set

  • Panel gap controller set with suction pads and flexible arms
  • Range 1mm-10mm
  • For use on panels and windscreens
  • Made from plastic to prevent paint damage
  • Alternating colours for easy selection (5 x 2 colours)
TSP: £52.34 ex VAT £62.81 inc VAT

Panel gap controller set

  • Spaltmaßlehrensatz mit Saugnäpfen und flexiblen Armen
  • Bereich 1 mm - 10 mm
  • Für den Einsatz an Karosserieblechen und Windschutzscheiben
  • Aus Kunststoff, um Lackschäden zu vermeiden
  • Abwechselnde Farben zur einfachen Auswahl (5 x 2 Farben)
TSP: £52.34 ex VAT £62.81 inc VAT
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Press Release
Ensure even panel gaps with this new Panel Gap Controller set

One of the ways that you can tell car bodywork has been repaired is that the gaps between panels (doors and wings for example) are unequal. It’s a dead giveaway.

This three piece set of panel gap gauges from Power-TEC (part no: 92408) make it easy for the professional body repairer to ensure that the gaps are equal around the panel, and by checking existing gaps (on the other side of the vehicle for example) that they are to the factory standard.

The individual blades are 1mm in width and there are ten blades per gauge, in alternating colours for easy selection, and made of flexible plastic to help prevent paint damage.

Also useful for setting up glass and windscreens to the aperture,

Terrific value and available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

Further details at www.power-tec.co.uk or call 01926 815000.

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