25 years of the Miracle System in the UK  — celebrate with Power-TEC by winning back the cost of your kit!

25 years of the Miracle System in the UK — celebrate with Power-TEC by winning back the cost of your kit!

Tuesday 22 March 2022
Great news from specialist bodyshop tool and equipment supplier Power-TEC! Their famous Miracle System was introduced into the UK 25 years ago and to celebrate this milestone, not only is the famous Miracle System Standard Kit currently on special offer, you can also win back the cost of your kit (up to £3249.00)!

Power-TEC’s Miracle System is well known in the trade: it offers profitable, high quality, fast-turnaround panel repair. It speeds up the repair process, while increasing the element of labour within each repair job and thus reducing the need for panel replacement.

Today’s Miracle System is not quite the same as it was 25 years ago —  with the introduction of more and more aluminium panels and also electric vehicles, the Miracle System has had to evolve along with the vehicles. 

“The industry was different 25 years ago, and getting the Miracle System accepted was often a case of re-education,” explains Power-TEC’s Operations Manager, Steve Bradbury. ‘In 1997 we faced an uphill battle as the industry was all about selling parts and replacing panels. It took a lot of convincing and demonstrations but 25 years later, the Miracle System is going stronger than ever. After all, bodyshops are about selling hours not parts.

“Now, with over 1500 systems sold in the UK, the Miracle System is by far the most popular panel repair system in the UK. We carry on with the same message as when we started all those years ago: Repair over replace, create less waste, thus reducing your carbon footprint.”

The Miracle System Standard Kit (part number 92170) is currently on special offer at £3249.00 (+ VAT). Every purchaser (of any Miracle System) in the UK during 2022 will have the chance to win back the cost of their kit (up to the value of £3249.00). Purchasers of more than one kit will get the equivalent number of entries into the competition. Not only that, every kit purchaser will also receive a FREE 25th Anniversary Power-TEC wall clock!

The Standard Kit is comprehensive and comes complete with slim trolley, Evo Welder, electrode and shroud, standard easy puller, carbon stick, Hicon grease, shrink tip and cable with clamp. Also included is an 800mm line puller, slide hammer, pulling shaft set and consumables. The line puller is ideal to rough out damage on cosmetic panels, repairing panel lines to their original shape. Full onsite training plus the full training manual and DVD is included. 

Further details at www.power-tec.co.uk or call 01926 815000.