Accurate replacement mirror glass fixing from Power-TEC

Accurate replacement mirror glass fixing from Power-TEC

Tuesday 01 July 2014
A broken door mirror glass is a common problem and although a replacement mirror glass will be readily available, fitting it can be a fiddly job, an awkwardly shaped mirror needing both hands just to hold it. This new mirror glass positioning tool from Power-TEC (part no: 92390) lets you accurately position the mirror glass with one hand leaving the other hand free to secure the glass.

Ordinary suction cups produce can produce inadequate or unreliable gripping force, the Power-TEC mirror glass positioning tool uses a three-inch diameter, flexible rubber vacuum cup, the air being pumped out quickly with the thumb plunger. It then holds the glass securely and as the tool only weighs 160 grammes the mirror glass is easily positioned.

Supplied with a rigid plastic cover to keep the rubber vacuum cup clean and undamaged.

Available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

Further details at or call 01926 815000.