92436 Weld and Slide Dent Puller

CE Approved Product Video available

This combined slide hammer and resistance welder cuts down on both repair time and consumables as it welds the tip directly onto the panel being repaired. Once attatched pull back on the welder which acts as a slide hammer pulling out the dent, then turn it 90 degrees to break the weld.

  • Slide hammer & resistance welder combined in one unit.
  • Lightweight. CE compliant.
  • Simply weld to the panel then use the internal slide hammer to pull the dent out. Replacement copper welding tip available, Part No. 91001.
  • Twist 90 degrees to break weld.
  • Earth electrode housed in the same unit. Replacement copper earth available, Part No. 91000.
TSP: £1128.42 ex VAT £1354.10 inc VAT
CE Approved Product Video available
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Press Release
Pull dents quickly with the new Weld & Slide

Traditionally dent pullers meant that a series of holes was drilled in the sheet metal to make the repair but that weakened the panel and the holes had to be filled. Then stud welding became popular but was time consuming and meant grinding off any remaining stud material after the pulling was completed. Now Power-TEC takes dent pulling to the next stage with its new Weld & Slide dent puller (part no 92436).

This is a slide hammer and resistance welder in one instrument; it is simply pressed onto the area to be repaired — the earthing rod and welding shaft are spring loaded — a button is pressed which welds the tip to the metal, and the instrument is pulled back along the shaft to complete the slide hammer action. Turn ninety degrees to break the weld, move along the dent and weld again. Each welding action tightens and shrinks the sheet metal before it is pulled back.

As the instrument provides the earth and welding tip circuit in a small, very focused area, it is ideal for the repair of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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