91151 Rivet Drill

Self centring drill used to drill out rivets, including self-piercing blind, dome and dome pin rivets in aluminium panels, saving time and minimising damage.

  • Rivet drill grabs around the rivet head ensuring proper centering with no slippage.
  • The tip can be changed for centring on any size of rivet head.
  • Ideal for removing rivets on CFRP, Lamborghini Huracan & Audi A8 (kit approved by VAG VAS852009).
  • 1000rpm; air consumption: 280cfm.
  • Drill bit sizes: 4.3, 6.8mm. Replacement drill bits available, please see Power-TEC Part Nos. 91290 (4.3mm), 91291 (6.3mm).
TSP: £687.86 ex VAT £825.43 inc VAT
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