Tap Down Tool Kit - Aluminium Part No. 92469

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£16.38 exc VAT
£19.66 inc VAT

Part of the Power-TEC range of PDR products

Additional Information

  • Features 4 interchangeable heads.
  • The body is adjustable in length 70mm - 100mm.
  • Ideal PDR tool for high spots and small dents.
  • Heads include; parallel flat, tapered flat and 2 sized pointed.
  • Knurled finish on tool for precision handling.
  • Mit 4 austauschbaren Köpfen
  • Der Körper ist in der Länge verstellbar (70 mm-100 mm)
  • Ideales PDR-Werkzeug für erhöhte Stellen und kleine Dellen
  • Köpfe umfassen: parallel flach, verjüngt flach und spitz in 2 Größen
  • Gerändelte Ausführung des Werkzeugs für präzise Handhabung
  • Ce kit contient 4 têtes interchangeable en Aluminium
  • Le corps de l'outil est ajustable en longueur de 70mm à 100mm pour les accès restreints
  • Outil idéal pour les petites bosses sur votre carrosserie
  • Les têtes inclues sont: plate, arrondie sur 2 côtés et 2 en forme de pointe de différents diamètres
  • Manche moleté pour une bonne prise en main.

A new and very useful little set from Power-TEC is this Tap-down Tool Kit (part number 92469) which is designed to assist PDR (paintless dent removal) repairs.

The tool is made from aluminium and is light and well balanced, with a knurled grip so that it can be held securely and accurately. Four interchangeable heads are provided (parallel flat, tapered flat and two pointed sizes) for tapping down high spots and reducing high areas after dents have been pulled out.

Once you’ve used this a few times you’ll wonder how you did without it. A quality tool and available now from your Power-TEC supplier.


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