Induction Heater - 3Kw Part No. 92457

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Induction Heater
Induction Heater

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Induction heater designed for Bodyshop use.

Additional Information

  • 3kw
  • Adaptors are available separately for many applications in the Bodyshop including removing stickers, windscreens, hail stone dents etc.
  • Ideal for workshop/bodyshop use
  • 230v single phase, 16A, air cooled, 50-60Hz, 6kg
  • If you have a CARDIAC PACEMAKER or any other kind of electronic or metal surgical implant DO NOT operate the tool or be within 5 meters of an operating heat inductor
  • 3 kW
  • Es sind separat Adapter für viele Anwendungen in der Werkstatt erhältlich, z. B. Entfernen von Aufklebern, Windschutzscheiben, Hagelschäden usw.
  • Ideal für den Einsatz in Kfz-Werkstatt/Karosseriewerkstatt
  • 230 V einphasig, 16 A, luftgekühlt, 50-60 Hz
  • 6 kg

The Power-TEC 92457 Induction Heater is a powerful and fast acting professional instrument that will revolutionise jobs in the bodyshop and workshop, saving both time and money. Using electromagnetic induction, the air-cooled 92457 transfers an intense quantity of heat locally with no damage to the surrounding area, whether rubber, plastic or painted surfaces. Speeds up and simplifies the removal of bonded components (plastic trim pieces, bonded badges, stickers, etc), or stuck and seized metal parts such as nuts, bolts, track rod ends and bearings, etc. Rated at 3 Kw, the induction heater is single-phase mains powered and has ten heat settings.

The 92457 induction heater is used with a selection of power adaptors which are available separately. The block adaptor (part number 92461) is used for local, focussed application of heat and particularly suitable for removal of items bonded with adhesive and for speedy removal of beads and runs of seam sealer. For example, when replacing a door skin, the bead of seam sealer on the return edge of the existing skin has to be removed; traditional, mechanical methods will damage the painted surface some distance away from the bead. A few passes of the induction heater and the bead of seam sealer is simply scraped off leaving undisturbed paintwork and no further damage to the surrounding area.

The heat-pad adaptor (part number 92462) is used for applying heat to larger areas of the bodywork, and is used for easy removal of plastic body trim, mouldings and badges. A side body moulding is usually destroyed upon removal but after a few passes of the heat-pad over the moulding (which applies heat in the panel behind the moulding), it can be gently lifted away without any distortion or damage. The same with badges, and then they can all be reused after panel repairs have been completed, keeping your customer or the insurance company happy. This adaptor is also ideal for removing sound deadening pads, stonechip coating, stickers, vehicle signage and even body wrap film.

The power adaptor (part number 92459) is designed for general workshop use and is designed for heating corroded components, to assist in their removal. The power adaptor concentrates the induction field in a focussed area and even heavily corroded nuts and bolts can be freed off very quickly.

The flameless technology and zero set up times assure a speedy job and excellent results. Labour charges will be greatly reduced and components can be reused. The Power-Tec induction heater will change your bodyshop and workshop practices at a stroke. Available now from your Power-TEC supplier — call 01926 815000.

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