Shim-Mask 3pc Part No. 92439

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92439 | Shim Masks
92439 | Shim Masks

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Used by professional painters and varnishers/smart and spot repairers/vehicle refinishers. Patented product

Additional Information

  • Ideal for paint and lacquer runs and imperfections.
  • Minimising area when sanding paint filled chips or scratches.
  • Chemical etching of shapes means no burring of edges giving a perfectly flat finish.
  • Choice of four stencil shapes allows you to tackle different jobs with the same tool.
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel 304, which enables them to be reused.
  • Ideal für Farb- und Lackläufe/Fehler
  • Begrenzung der Fläche beim Schleifen von mit Farbe gefüllten Absplitterungen oder Kratzern
  • Wegen chemischem Ätzen der Formen kein Entgraten der Kanten für eine perfekt flache Oberfläche nötig.
  • Dank vier Schablonenformen sind verschiedene Arbeiten mit demselben Werkzeug möglich
  • Hergestellt aus Edelstahl 304 und damit wiederverwendbar
  • Idéal pour les imperfections de la peinture ou de la laque
  • Permet de minimiser la zone affectée lors du ponçage sur des bosses ou rayures classiques
  • Les angles et formes fournies par Shim Mask permettent de fournir une finition parfaite sans endommager les bords.
  • Shim Mask dispose de 4 formes différentes permettant une grande variété de taches.
  • Fabrication en inox 304 lui permettant d'être utilisé à plusieurs reprises. - Produit breveté - vidéo disponible
This is an interesting new idea from Power-TEC: to be used by professional vehicle refinishers and SMART repair operators, these ultra thin stainless steels shim masks (part number 92439), are used to protect surrounding paint while runs or imperfections are removed with either a razor blade or sanding block.

Manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel, the mask shapes are chemically etched thus ensuring no burring or sharp edges and a perfectly flat mask. The choice of four stencil shapes allows different shaped and sized runs or imperfections to be tackled. The masks are placed over the imperfection (ensure that paint is completely dry and cured) and held in place with masking tape. A new, sharp razor blade can be used to slice away the run or imperfection or a sanding block can be used wet or dry. Final feathering is achieved by placing a slightly larger stencil shape over the repaired area and finishing with P2000 paper. The repair is then machine polished and finished off.

The shim masks are robust and stored in the supplied sleeve for future use. A real time saver and available now from your Power-Tec stockist.

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