Smart Inductor 5000 Part No. 92363

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Smart Inductor 5000
Smart Inductor 5000

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Safe, flameless heater ideal for workshop use

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  • Easy and quick removal of glass, plastics, adhesives, logos, rusty bolts, ceased bearings, internal and external trim and hail dents.
  • Patented product allows precise corner work
  • Induction heating system that is an intelligent solution for speeding up and simplifying removal
  • Digital readout and pedal control for complete control and freedom of movement
  • Transfers a great quantity of heat locally without damaging either rubber, plastic or paintwork
The new Power-TEC Smart Inductor 5000 (part no: 92363) is a revolutionary induction heating system that speeds up and simplifies the removal of bonded components (windscreens, plastic trim pieces, bonded badges, stickers, etc), or stuck and seized metal parts such as nuts, bolts, track rod ends, bearings and gears.

Automatic or manual setting, quick and easy to use, using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the innovative microprocessor controlled self adjustment system transfers a intense quantity of heat locally with no damage to the surrounding area, whether rubber, plastic or painted surfaces.

The flameless technology and zero set up times assures a speedy job and excellent results. The Smart Inductor only heats metal objects; it will not burn or melt plastic or paint, very safe to use, the inductor heads do not get hot. Has to be seen to be believed!

Trolley available as an extra, part no: 92364.

Further details at: or call 01926 818195.

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