Miracle System Base Kit Part No. 92169

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Power-TEC Steel Panel Repair System
Power-TEC Steel Panel Repair System

Typical Price:

£2175.00 exc VAT
£2610.00 inc VAT

Base kit supplied with Slim Trolley assembled to incorporate the necessary equipment to hold the Evo Miracle Welder and standard easy puller

Additional Information

  • Base kit designed to be upgraded to either Master Kit (92171), Strong Kit (92172) and Standard Kit (92170)
  • All kits can be demonstrated by our fully trained staff in demonstration van
  • Base kit comes complete with Slim Trolley, Evo Welder, Electrode and Shroud, Standard easy puller. carbon stick, Hicon grease, shrink tip and cable with clamp
  • See our demonstration video on YouTube
  • Kits come with compliments of 2 "Miracle Worker" Tee shirts and complete training manual

Included in the Kit:

Code Description
91596 Miracle Bit Electrode and Shroud
91606 Miracle Slim Trolley
91672 Hicon Grease 35ml
91726 Carbon Stick
91743 Evo Miracle Welder
92161 Shrink Tip
92283 Standard Cable & Clamp (inc Bush)
The Power-TEC Miracle System is a state of the art panel repair system that offers profitable, high quality, fast turnaround panel repair. Speed up the repair process, while increasing the element of labour within each repair job and reducing the need for panel replacement.

Our free information pack explains why Power-TEC’s Miracle System is now accepted as the most cost effective method of repairing both steel and aluminium panels and our practical demonstration DVD shows how easily it’s done.

And the insurers like it also: promoting repair instead of panel replacement supports the environmental policy of the major insurance companies. Miracle repair is seen as an excellent way for repairers to gain from performance related reward structures. It helps reduce average claim costs and repair times, whilst increasing profit for the repairer, due to a higher labour element within the job. The vehicle is returned to the policy holder quicker, without compromising the integrity of the vehicle or quality of repair.

Sound too good to be true? Well, seeing is believing! Contact Power-TEC today and arrange a free demonstration at your premises.

Call 01926 818195 and speak to Steve Bradbury or Richard Briggs who will be delighted to send one of our fully fitted demonstration vans in your direction. Prepare to be amazed!

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