Sanitise quickly and efficiently, destroying viruses and bacteria with this portable ozone generator from Power-TEC

In these days of social distancing and careful and robust sanitising, the Power-TEC 92608 portable ozone generator will be invaluable for car sales, car hire, courtesy cars, taxis, buses and caravans. It’s a small portable ozone generator designed to be used in an unoccupied area. 

The machine produces ozone at the rate of 10g per hour and is an economical to use and environmentally friendly odour neutraliser that actually destroys the source of the odour. Using corona discharge technology, the ozone generator effectively destroys viruses, bacteria, smells and odours. Freshens air indoors, and in motor cars and vehicles: eliminates surface-bound viruses and bacteria, eliminates air-bound viruses and bacteria, and eliminates airborne allergens.

As well as powerful sanitising, the ozone generator is particularly effective at removing tobacco and damp/mould odours from motor cars and vehicles but can also be used for enclosed areas like hotel rooms, toilets, corridors, waiting and treatment rooms, changing rooms and food processing facilities.

This powerful but compact unit is available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

Posted on Friday 31 July 2020
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