Efficient and economical compressed air powered spray gun washer cabinet

New from Power-TEC is this workshop compressed-air operated spray gun washer cabinet (part number 92544) which is suitable for solvent or water based paint gun cleaning. Fitted with long lasting air powered diaphragm pump for safety and reliability, the spray gun washer is simple to use and will clean your gun thoroughly. Can be used for both suction and gravity-fed guns. Two-gun capacity, CE and ATEX approved. The air supply and therefore cleaning solvent delivery is automatically stopped when the lid is opened. Runs from standard workshop air supply.

This is a neat unit which can sit in the corner of the workshop, 111cm high, 46.5cm wide and 64.5cm deep. Xylene-based or water-based solvents may be used but refer to product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to ascertain product’s suitability. To aid sludge removal, up to two litres of water may be added. The washer is powered from the workshop compressed air supply but it has its own pressure regulator to maintain the working air pressure in the 40-60psi range.

The gun or guns are first dismantled and then fitted with the trigger lock (two supplied) which keeps the trigger fully open during the cleaning cycle. Two lengths of support nozzle are fitted, one long, one short; gravity-fed guns can be mounted on either nozzle, suction-fed guns fit better onto the long nozzle. Pots are placed over additional nozzles and other components can be left of the tray. Cleaning should be complete after 60 seconds.

An efficient and economical method of spray gun cleaning and available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

Posted on Friday 13 March 2020
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