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Versatile magnetic paint clamp offers hands-free painting of smaller parts and components

When spray painting smaller components or body parts in the spray booth, this magnetic paint clamp (part number 92425) from Power-TEC is a neat and easy to use solution which holds the part securely and speeds up the...
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Posted on Thursday 03 August 2017

Quick and professional results every time with this parking distance sensor hole cutter set

Professional bodyshops know and trust Power-TEC products and this new parking distance sensor hole cutter set (part number 92489) lets you cut dimensionally accurate holes cleanly and quickly when refitting the parking...
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Posted on Wednesday 19 July 2017

Save time and money in the bodyshop and workshop

The Power-TEC 92457 Induction Heater is a powerful and fast acting professional instrument that will revolutionise jobs in the bodyshop and workshop, saving both time and money. Using electromagnetic induction, the...
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Posted on Monday 10 July 2017

Power-TEC celebrates 20 years of marketing the Miracle System in the UK

Since its introduction into the UK in 1997 Power-TEC’s Miracle System has always been at the forefront of vehicle repair as it offers profitable, high quality, fast turnaround panel repair. It speeds up the repair...
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Posted on Monday 06 March 2017

The strongest plastic welding — with the Nitrogen plastic welder from Power-TEC

Plastic welding with nitrogen gas creates the strongest welds possible because it eliminates oxidisation of the plastic during the welding process. The new nitrogen plastic welding system from Power-TEC (part number...
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Posted on Tuesday 28 February 2017

The Power-TEC Hy-Jacks — move vehicles quickly, easily and safely

Solve all your workshop vehicle positioning problems with the new Hy-Jacks from Power-TEC (part number 92438). Hy-Jacks are the ultimate method for moving vehicles in confined areas; once fitted, they let the vehicle...
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Posted on Saturday 21 January 2017

Versatile cordless rechargeable hot stapler from Power-TEC

The benefits of repairing plastic body components with a hot staple system are well known to Power-TEC customers: traditional gluing and plastic repair methods can result in a weak and inflexible repair and usually with...
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Posted on Tuesday 13 December 2016

Bringing 21st century technology to paintless dent repair

Attempting a PDR repair but you just cannot get access with your rods? Reach for the new Hot Spot 2 from Power-TEC (part number 92481). It is an induction dent removal unit that is ideal for removing small, soft dents...
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Posted on Tuesday 29 November 2016

Fitting new parking sensors? Fit them correctly to manufacturer’s specification, with these new kits.

During accident repair when fitting new front or rear bumpers, unless parking sensors are standard across the range, invariably new PDC (Park Distance Control) holes will have to be cut and the new PDC sensors fitted...
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Posted on Friday 18 November 2016

Versatile and fully adjustable 3000w infrared paint drying lamp

Professional bodyshops know and trust Power-TEC products and this new infrared paint drying lamp (part number 92476) is a high quality and versatile solution to quick air drying of spot and panel repairs.Designed to...
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Posted on Saturday 22 October 2016
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