92513 Multi Arc 201 Inverter Welder

CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed

Multi Arc inverter welder that combines a 200 amp aluminium MIG welder and an aluminium repair welder in one unit.

  • Complete aluminium repair station includes 200A aluminium MIG welder and aluminium repair welder. Additional trolley available separately, please see Part No. 92231.
  • MIG can be set up as aluminium, Steel or MIG braze.
  • Welds on aluminium washers.
  • Revolutionary aluminium pin puller.
  • 1mm Aluminium MIG wire available - Part No. 92514.
TSP: £6333.22 ex VAT £7599.86 inc VAT


  • Multi-Arc-Inverterschweißgerät
  • Komplette Aluminium Reparaturstation inkl. 200-A-Aluminium-MIG-Schweißgerät und Aluminium-Reparaturschweißgerät
  • MIG kann für Aluminium, Stahl oder MIG-Hartlöten eingerichtet werden
  • Aufschweißen von Aluminiumscheiben, Aluminium-MIG-Draht (1 mm) verfügbar, Teile-Nr. 92514
  • Revolutionärer Aluminium-Abzieher
TSP: £6333.22 ex VAT £7599.86 inc VAT

poste à souder à onduleur Multi Arc

  • poste à souder à onduleur Multi Arc
  • poste complet de réparation d'aluminium comprend un poste à souder MIG pour aluminium /poste à souder de réparation d'aluminium de 200 A
  • Le poste MIG peut être configuré pour l'aluminium, l'acier ou le brasage
  • soude sur rondelles en aluminium fil MIG aluminium de 1 mm disponible numéro de référence 92514
  • extracteur de broche aluminium révolutionnaire
TSP: £6333.22 ex VAT £7599.86 inc VAT
CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed
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Press Release
Complete aluminium repair station from Power-TEC

Complete aluminium repair station from Power-TEC combines inverter MIG welder, repair welder and puller in one unit:

With the aluminium repair market steadily increasing, you can trust Power-Tec to provide the professional body repairer with a comprehensive range of tools and equipment specifically designed for aluminium repair. As an example, Power-TEC’s new Multi Arc 201 inverter welder (part number 92513) is an innovative and complete aluminium repair station which combines a 200 amp aluminium MIG welder and an aluminium repair welder in one unit.

The aluminium MIG welder offers all the benefits of inverter-based welding technology over traditional workshop transformer-based machines — lightweight and portable, less electricity consumption, and much more control, as the inverter welder’s power output is adjusted electronically. Wire grade, power, wire speed and panel thickness can all be set and then programmed for perfect welding results and repeatability.

Although designed for aluminium, the MIG welder can also be set up for steel welding or MIG brazing.

The repair welder of the Multi Arc 201 instantly welds on repair washers or pins; fit the washer holder to the pull washer gun, set the controls (power and weld duration in milliseconds) and the repair washer is correctly welded to the damaged panel. If using pins to lift a dent, then the pull washer gun is fitted to the pin puller attachment and the washer holder is substituted with the round pin holder. The repair pin is welded on and the dent lifted by squeezing the handles of the puller.

Available now from your Power-TEC supplier.